eduroam Reports

As you may have noticed, we have started emailing reports out. So far these have been monthly reports (May and June). The first semi-annual report (January-June) will be going out later this week. The most common question is "How do we compare to the average?". Part of answering that will be an overhaul of the general statistics page. We plan on working on that soon. If you think that anything is missing on that page or have interesting suggestions please let us know.
As we are emailing out reports we have noticed that many of the administrative and technical contacts that we have are either invalid or are ticketing systems. Neither of which work well for emailing reports. We are working on removing all such report contacts. It would be a great help if you, or your eduroam-US admin, could review your contacts to make sure that they are still valid. While you are at it, please review all of the other information about your peering as well (status/service type/locations/etc).
To review your contacts follow these steps.
  1. Once signed in, goto Administration => My Peered Organizations.
  2. Click Edit (on the right side) for the peering that you want to check/edit.
  3. The contacts are on the Contacts tab.