Web Site Transition

The eduroam-US website  (www.eduroam.us) is transitioning to InCommon (www.incommon.org/eduroam). This transition will move the general information and subscription information parts to InCommon and when finished the technical/tools part will live on the ANYROAM web site (www.anyroam.net). During the transition, some information will be at the eduroam-US web site and some at the InCommon web site. This is not an ideal experience. We hope to minimize the problems and any frustration. Please email eduroam-support [at] internet2.edu if you can not find what you are looking for.

Phase 1 (Happening now)

Getting Started, contact form, and FAQ will move to InCommon and the eduroam-US menu will provide links to the InCommon web site for these items.

Phase 2

Tools and peer management system will be moved to the ANYROAM web site. The eduroam-US domain will redirect to the InCommon web site.