We’ve had some high-profile satisfaction: our Provost, one of our main CS researchers, and several IT directors have recently used their local credentials around the world. Singapore, Norway, Hong Kong… who knew it would be so easy? And it’s enabled us to solve some difficulties with one-off PSK requests, as well. We’re seriously considering making eduroam our primary on-campus SSID.
Steve Lovaas, Colorado State University

Internally eduroam has provided us with a solid platform to allow more seamless collaboration between institutions. UW-Parkside, as one of the smaller UW institutions, does not see the international presence that Madison or Milwaukee does so I can't speak on that level, but being able to have it available does give us another easy to manage tool for out traveling students and faculty. I can count on one hand the number of times we have had issues. The best benefit for our campus is that it allows us to provide a single secure enterprise wireless network to all of campus. We still provide an additional captive portal on the side, but eduroam is our primary. 
Tony Brzoskowski, Information Security Officer
Network Manager/IS Network Services Consultant
University of Wisconsin-Parkside

Here at Rice University we turned “eduroam” up in Jan 2014; coinciding with a controller upgrade.  Since then, per the Cisco Prime reporting, we have had 531 unique users, with a total number of 45,334 sessions.  Total session time for those users is 28,818.38 hours, and a total traffic for those users at 1,346,088.36 MB.  Here’s some pertinent data.  It certainly seems to have filled a need for my user community; and done with a few hours’ work on our side (radius configuration, testing, WiSM configuration and testing).   
 – Danny Eaton; Senior Network Architect, Rice University

 We partner with a multitude of 4 year institutions in the Philadelphia Area, plus summers are filled with students picking up classes to transfer to their home colleges and universities.  As the first community college in the country using eduroam, we now have the ability to service many more of our students with external credentials. eduroam has also cut down on helpdesk call volume as well.
Gregg Heimer (Montgomery County Community College)

"After learning of eduroam through Internet2, UNCG was able to successfully test connectivity in the span of just a few days. As a result, found little reason not to join and offer eduroam to our campus. Though clients were largely unaware of the offering, its release was especially well received by faculty, who view eduroam as a beneficial tool in their academic endeavors. Additionally, central IT looks forward to the possibilities eduroam opens for collaboration of shared infrastructure resources within our state system."
Robert Gorrell
Senior Architect, Identity and Access Management
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Eduroam for Calvin College has been a very positive experience.  Within minutes of turning on eduroam for our campus, we had visitors from Amsterdam connect and authenticate automatically through the eduroam network.  Our travel abroad programs have greatly benefitted from eduroam.  One professor, a few weeks after we went live with eduroam, had his upcoming off-campus class all set-up eduroam before they left.  When the class arrived abroad in Berlin, they all were able to connect to eduroam and immediately be online.  Calvin has made eduroam it's primary wireless network on-campus; so that all our users can benefit from the global collaboration that is taking place through the eduroam network.
Chris Wieringa
Calvin College

We have been part of Eduroam for over two and a half years now. As the number of participating institutions has grown so has the adoption within our campus. We championed Eduroam to our peer and neighbor institutions and we are now in the process of transitioning our default SSID to Eduroam and retiring our campus specific SSIDs. On a fairly regular basis I have faculty tell me how they have used Eduroam across the country and the globe and how surprised they are that it "just works". We have always found the support through this list very helpful and both Philippe and Chad have always been willing to help and easy to work with. 
Damian Doyle
Assistant Director Communications and Security

Given that this is our first semester broadcasting the eduroam at Syracuse University, I wanted to dig into how the new service was being used on campus. I really didn’t expect much, but am already impressed. 
-Lee Badman
Syracuse University

The University of California, Riverside, implemented eduroam in April, 2012, and
ever since has been extremely popular with students and faculty. We (central
computing) have received several compliments from faculty that travel, and
currently have approximately 100 unique off-campus users per day that use
eduroam. Thanks very much for providing the service for all US campuses.
Russ Harvey
Computing and Communications
Director, Computing Infrastructure and Security
University of California, Riverside

Cost of Support:
We experience lower incremental costs because we already had an 802.1X / WPA2-E –based wireless network in place with radius infrastructure. This simply required some radius jockeying and the creation of a new SSID and a bit of radius tweaking..  I'd estimate the time required to 40-60 hours. Virtually no customer support has been required in the first year.
Marketing: We distributed information to key faculty and staff as well as created small how-to doc for our staff portal  - call it an additional 4 hours for marketing and support.  
Finally, about 4 man-hours of time spent writing a script to comb logs to produce informational statistics as needed to show management this was a worthwhile project.
Impact to help desk:
I believe customer support has had only two eduroam-related calls. One was a local staff member who was travelling and hadn't tried things before he left. The other was a visitor who apparently needed to reset his password back home. We only encountered a few problems. This was one of the smoothest rollouts we've had.
User adoption:
During the first 11 months of service we have had 530 visitors from 222 sites to our local 'eduroam' SSID.I don't know how many UCSD faculty and staff are using it when they travel, but several have written to thank us for activating it.
Valerie Polichar, University of California San Diego

The marginal cost to implement eduroam was negligible, once we had implemented an 802.1X infrastructure for wireless network access. Impact to Help Desks has been very minimal. Some small confusion over the difference between uchicago-secure and eduroam, but we’ve not had any contacts from clients visiting HERE using eduroam HERE – nor should we, since support is generally accepted to lie with the authenticating institution.
Data: 824 distinct eduroam users visiting the campus in the first 3 months.
Tom Barton, University of Chicago