Join eduroam-US

What is involved in joining eduroam?

In the United States, any organization (school, museum, library, research lab, ...) involved in Research or Education can connect its users to eduroam (users will have access to all eduroam hotpsot in the world) for a fee of 10 cents per enrolled student/user per year with a minimum of $400 per year. For Internet2 members ( the cost of eduroam is already included in the membership. Any organization based in the United States can provide eduroam on its Wi-Fi network and there is no fee for that service. Other countries have different models for eduroam membership, please contact your local eduroam provider for information.
First submit a "Join eduroam-US" request (below). We will then contact you to help with the following two steps:
  1. Peer the organization's RADIUS server(s) with the eduroam-US top-level RADIUS server (assuming that you are doing IEEE 802.1X on your secure Wi-Fi). It doesn't take much time if you already have 802.1X running on campus.
  2. Broadcast the eduroam SSID across campus: This does not have to be immediate. You can first enable a few Access-Points to test the service then plan a campus-wide rollout. This is the step that takes most of the time in deploying eduroam due to subnet routing, IP addressing, etc.
Name of the institution requesting peering. Please use the name you would like to appear on the website once you've joined.
Name of individual requesting peering for the Institution.
Email address of Requesting user.
This helps the eduroam-US team to verify the identity of the requester and provide them with appropriate help in joining the confederation easily.
Any comments or special information the requestor would like eduroam-US support staff to know? If you have a PGP or GPG key please include the key-id or the email address if the key is on a public server. If not please include the ascii-armored public key as well to expedite the exchange of secrets.
Every eduroam-US Institution will be responsible for one or many "realms" used for routing. Credentials in eduroam are of the form username@realm. For example a school might be responsible for and as their realms or a national research laboratory may be responsible for Please give a list of the realms your institutions will be responsible for.